Knit Picks

Knitting Juice Glass

Cost: $12.47

If it’s been one of those weeks and you just can’t wait to sit down and knit, you might need some knitting juice. This is the perfect glass for you and you can fill it with whatever “juice” you might need to help you “unwind” after a long day. It’s even dishwasher safe!

Custom Yarn Bowl in Soft Green Finish Personalized Pottery (Made to Order)

Cost: $60

Yarn bowls are always special but this particular bowl can be customized with your name! Keep your yarn balls from rolling all over the floor and enjoy this custom piece as a statement piece in your home. You’ll want to show off the gorgeous color and design of this handmade bowl and keep on knitting!

Personalized Knitting Labels

Cost: $27.00

Add the perfect finishing touch to a gift with these custom knitting labels. Featuring whimsical illustrations from Etsy artist LittleHappyDrawings, you’ll add a charming and professional look to your finished pieces. Printed on 100% organic cotton, these tags will not fade or fray even with machine washing. Just pick what you want your tags to say and you’ll be set to knit 33 new gifts!

Knitting Quote Project Tote Bag

Cost: $14.00

Show off your magical knitting talent with this charming tote bag. You’ve spent the time learning how to knit and turn strings into pretty things and now it’s time to treat yourself to a project bag that will make you smile. Plus, it will encourage you to turn more and more strings into pretty things!