Knit Picks

Garden Gnome Stitch Markers

Cost: $14.00 per set of five markers.

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Stitch markers are an essential part of any knitter’s tool kit, and these Garden Gnome Stitch Markers are the perfect addition to an ever-growing collection. Funny little helpers like these will save you time counting and are perfect for both simple and complex patterns. These closed markers are essential for any knitting pattern, and they make a great gift for your friends or for yourself. Don’t worry about losing a ring in your stitches; your little gnome friends and accessories will still stand out against your pattern.

Gleener: Ultimate Fuzz Remover

Cost: $19.95 per item.

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Pulling a sweater from storage and seeing little pills all over it is enough to make you go crazy. Looking for a de-pilling device that is gentle enough to not wear holes through your clothes, but strong enough to remove all of those annoying pills from your sweater is too time consuming. Kim Cole decided she was done searching through product reviews and wrecking sweaters, so she created the Gleener to work on all kinds of knitted fabrics! With three blades for large pills, fine wools and delicate cotton and silk blends, the Gleener will make your sweaters look brand new. It doesn’t stop at pills, however, and comes with two handy features: a built-in lint brush and a pet hair attachment.

Mango Moon Mulberry Meadow Yarn

Cost: $14.00 per 50 gram skein.

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Mango Moon Yarns wants to bring you yarn that is fun and colorful, and their Mulberry Meadow yarn is exactly that. A luxurious blend of 75% Merino and 25% Mulberry Silk, this yarn is perfect for any project on your list. It comes in six gorgeous, nature-inspired colors, and at approximately 218 yards per ball, there is plenty to go around. Mango Moon Mullberry Meadow yarn is so soft, I can imagine working up a beautiful cowl and never wanting to take it off! Perfect for sensitive skin, this yarn will not tug or pull on any dryness you may have, so this yarn is great for fall and winter projects.

Stick and Soak Tattoos

Cost: $7.50 per sheet.

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Need a cute gift for your knitting friend, but can’t think of something unique? These Stick and Soak Tattoos are a fun way to let someone know you appreciate them. In different images like a pair of mittens, a “Keep Calm and Knit On” poster, and a ruler, this tattoo sheet is a fun way to show off your love of knitting. If you want to get kids involved in your favorite hobby, these are also the perfect way to show them that knitting is fun!