Knit Picks

Bear Knitting Enamel Pin

Cost: $8.13

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Do we ever need a reason for buying another fun enamel pin? Featuring an adorable bear doing his favorite pastime (knitting, of course), you can’t go wrong with this cute little pin. Wear it with pride on your favorite denim jacket, throw it onto your project bag or use it to decorate your craft room. No matter where you display your bear, he’s sure to cheer you right up no matter what your mood!

Celtic Lion Closure Shawl Pin

Cost: $31.00

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Handmade shawls deserve the perfect, handmade closures. This beautiful celtic lion pin functions both with and without its circle enclosure. Made from white bronze or white brass, the end result is a gorgeous item worthy of your favorite hand-knit shawl or open-front cardigan. Inspired by Celtic illuminated letters in the forms of animals, this pin features unique design elements on the front and back, making for a breathtaking finished product.  

Knitter’s Pride Wool Needles Set

Cost: $4.11

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Knitter’s Pride Wool Needles Set is a game changer for weaving in yarn end at the end of project, whether it’s crochet or knit. Perfect for all yarn types, the needles utilize a flexible cord loop instead of the traditional plastic needle eye. This makes it more suitable for super-bulky and fuzzy yarns, which often have difficulty fitting into traditional yarn threaders. Complete with blunt ends to avoid injury while crafting, this package contains three wool needles in sizes 1/2.25mm, 2/2.75mm and 3/3.25mm.