Knit Picks

Stoneware Yarn Bowl

Cost: $45.00+


Handmade and customizable, this yarn bowl’s craftsmanship shines through with each unique product. Pick one of three sizes, 38 colors and type of clay for your hand-thrown stoneware. The glaze provides a shiny and smooth finish ensures that your yarn will glide on through the hand-cut spiral.

Knit Gauge Ruler by Ann Budd Knits

Cost: $5

Gauge swatching can be frustrating and time consuming, but this knit gauge ruler is here to make life easier. To start, all you have to do is put the ruler on top of your knit piece and then match the stitch outlines on the ruler to your knit rows. It’s the easiest way to make sure your gauge is on track!

Tape Measure Bracelet

Cost: $19.95


The Tape Measure Bracelet/Wrist Ruler is made of beautiful leather and engraved with inch and centimeter measurements. You’ll never have to worry about busting out your old tape measure on the bus or struggling to find it in the bottom of your project bag. Measure your knitting on the go and in style.