Knit Picks

The Yarnit – Crystal Clear

Cost: $34.95

Clever little globes hold your precious and beautiful yarn as you knit away. Multiple colors are available but clear shows off your yarn the best. Made to be portable and functional, the Yarnit keeps your ball of yarn clean and free from crumbs and dirt by making it impossible for it to fall out and roll onto the floor.

Needle Nook

Cost: $20

Never worry about your WIP losing its needles with this Needle Nook! Store circular and double-pointed needles with ease (perfect for socks) and tuck them away safely. Snap the needles into place and your project will stay put — less stress, more knitting! Use the tag on the side of the pouch to attach a carabiner or clip to hook it onto a project bag or purse.

Floops Stitch Markers

Cost: $10.95

These colorful and squishy stitch markers are about to become your new favorite way to keep track of stitches. Featuring 20 markers per set, these colorful markers keep their shape well so you can pick whether the marker hangs high or low. Designed to fit multiple needle sizes, you’ll love how effortlessly each marker slides across each needle.