Knit Picks

Floops Stitch Markers

Cost: $10.95

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These colorful and squishy stitch markers are about to become your new favorite way to keep track of stitches. Featuring 20 markers per set, these colorful markers keep their shape well so you can pick whether the marker hangs high or low. Designed to fit multiple needle sizes, you’ll love how effortlessly each marker slides across each needle.

Flying Colors of the Storm Stitch Markers

Cost: $12.00

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These handmade stitch markers are mesmerizing, with their swirling streaks of bright color. Designed so as not to catch on your yarn, they shine with a marble-like quality, the large bead embraced on either side by smaller vintage pearlized beads. Each stitch marker is dipped by hand and uniquely crafted; as a matter of fact, most of the beads come from older jewelry pieces. These will fit up to size 6.0 mm needles, so add this to your wish list to bring glamor to the entire knitting process.

Forager Rolled Screw-in Handles

Cost: $56.50

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These screw-in handles add a lot of class, style and durability to any knit bag project. Use them on that spacious office commute bag you’ve been working on or even replace the worn handles of an old project to make them look like new! These handles are made of genuine leather, so they’re a bit pricier than most things on this list. However, they are well worth the price for the wear and tear you’ll put on them. These classics are made to last!

P.S. Check out the handles used in the Plaid Prep Tote!

Frabjous Fibers’ Wonderland Yarn

Cost: $23 per 113g/512yds skein.

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Did you know that yarn can be magical? At least it can be when you’re working with Frabjous Fibers’ Wonderland Yarn line. Each yarn name and color is inspired by the classic Lewis Carroll story, Alice in Wonderland. Knitters can choose from the Cheshire Cat fingering weight yarn, the March Hare worsted weight yarn and the TweedleDeeDum bulky yarn. Each yarn is soft, light and perfect for wearing next to your skin.

Freaky Friday Hand Dyed 100% Superwash Merino Wool

Cost: $18

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It will take a much stronger will than mine to resist the brilliant color combinations in this superwash merino worsted wool. These shades are just begging to be made into a scarf or hat. The variegated yellows, pinks, and blues against a background of black make this stunning yarn a great option for any project that needs a pop, especially if you’re looking for a way to keep some sunshine in your wintery days. Personally hand dyed by its creator, each batch is unique, which adds to the charm of this gorgeous yarn.

Furry Sheep Stitch Markers

Cost: $25

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Tired of your plain old stitch markers that look more like safety pins than anything interesting? Get a couple of these adorable Furry Sheep Stitch Markers. These adorable creatures of polymer clay and wool fleece are super cute and are a creative nod towards the animal that provides us with so much of our crafting yarn.

Garden Gnome Stitch Markers

Cost: $14.00 per set of five markers.

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Stitch markers are an essential part of any knitter’s tool kit, and these Garden Gnome Stitch Markers are the perfect addition to an ever-growing collection. Funny little helpers like these will save you time counting and are perfect for both simple and complex patterns. These closed markers are essential for any knitting pattern, and they make a great gift for your friends or for yourself. Don’t worry about losing a ring in your stitches; your little gnome friends and accessories will still stand out against your pattern.

Ghoulish Rumpus Hand Dyed Yarn

Cost: $25.00+

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Halloween is closer than you might think, and believe me, you get sick of the same old pumpkin orange and black yarn that seems to worm its way into every project around this time of year. Jazz up the Halloween color scheme a little bit with the Ghoulish Rumpus Hand Dyed Yarn! This multi-colored skein of orange, navy and confetti-colored yarn is sure to jazz up even the most boring of scarves while still staying true to the spooky spirit of this holiday.

Giant Knitting Needles from WoolCoutureCompany

Cost: Starting at $40.96

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Looking for something bigger? These Giant Knitting Needles are handcrafted from pure tulip wood – a light, classic, and durable wood for your knitting needles. These oversized knitting needles come in 25 mm, 30 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm, and 60 mm. This pair of Giant Knitting Needles may be the largest you have ever seen! Create the bulkiest, chunkiest, comfiest pieces of them all with these knitting needles.

Gleener: Ultimate Fuzz Remover

Cost: $19.95 per item.

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Pulling a sweater from storage and seeing little pills all over it is enough to make you go crazy. Looking for a de-pilling device that is gentle enough to not wear holes through your clothes, but strong enough to remove all of those annoying pills from your sweater is too time consuming. Kim Cole decided she was done searching through product reviews and wrecking sweaters, so she created the Gleener to work on all kinds of knitted fabrics! With three blades for large pills, fine wools and delicate cotton and silk blends, the Gleener will make your sweaters look brand new. It doesn’t stop at pills, however, and comes with two handy features: a built-in lint brush and a pet hair attachment.