Knit Picks

Chic-a Single Yarn Keeper

Cost: $18.00 per keeper.

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Chic-a’s Single Yarn Keeper is every knitter’s best friend. Better than a breakable yarn bowl, the Single Yarn Keeper holds your yarn, keeping it clear of dust and debris, in a pliable and easily moveable 5”x5”x5” pouch. Great for travel because of its durability, this yarn keeper is perfect for any small project or single ball of yarn you are afraid will unravel. In nine different colors like Zebra, Silver Cherries, Martinique Yellow, and Chic-a Pink, these pretty pouches will look great in any room of your house as you work up your next project.

Cuff Knitting Counter

Cost: $15.00

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Keep track of your rows with this aluminum cuff bracelet counter that tracks up to 100 rows of knitting! You’ll never lose count again or have to mess with tallying your rows on a piece of paper. Cute and handy, this row counter is a great addition to your knitting tools.

Custom Leather Labels

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Sometimes the finishing touch on a project is a custom label that adds the professional look you’re going for. These laser cut and engraved labels are made from vegetable dyed leather and have a variety of customizable options to choose from.

Custom Wooden Tags

Cost: $18.00+

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Have you ever knit a sweater so gorgeous that you wanted to sign your own work? Well, now you can with these custom “Handmade with Love” wooden buttons and tags. These buttons can be customized with your name, or any other name for that matter, and easily attached to any knit project with some spare yarn or thread. These make a wonderful gift for fellow knitter friends and are also a great investment if you plan on selling your knit projects at craft fairs or online.

Custom Yarn Bowl in Soft Green Finish Personalized Pottery (Made to Order)

Cost: $60

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Yarn bowls are always special but this particular bowl can be customized with your name! Keep your yarn balls from rolling all over the floor and enjoy this custom piece as a statement piece in your home. You’ll want to show off the gorgeous color and design of this handmade bowl and keep on knitting!

Day Tripper

Cost: $26.00

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This Day Tripper Skein is simply gorgeous! The pops of color blended together truly make for an eye catching, hand-dyed skein. Hookers Corner Yarn makes their beautiful and colorful skeins to order, hand-dyed with wool and nylon, and at a variety of weights. The Day Tripper is filled with beautiful hues of purple and pink with pops of blue, yellow, and green. This yarn is unlike many and is sure to make breathtaking knit projects.

Denise2Go Essential Interchangeables for Knitters

Cost: $44.95-$59.95 per kit, depending on size and materials of case.

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For all you knitters on the go, how often have you readied your project bag for a trip and been unsure of what exactly you need to take? Should you take multiple projects and multiple needles? What if they get lost somewhere at the bottom of your bag? Denise2Go Essential Interchangeables for Knitters is the perfect knitting travel companion – it stores multiple sets of needles in differing sizes so that whatever projects you want to pack, you’ll have a set of needles in a size to match. Each kit comes in varying materials and different design options, so you can pick the case that best fits you, and the needles themselves.


Easter Bunny Egg Cosy Mini Knitting Kit

Cost: $8.94+

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Add a little something extra to your Easter egg dying tradition this year. This kit will knit up an adorable cosy to wrap around your egg, which will be a fun and festive display of your knitting skills. Each kit makes one egg cosy and is available in pink, yellow, blue, or green. It includes the knitting pattern, wool, and a plastic sewing needle, and you can add 5 mm knitting needles for an extra charge if you don’t already have a pair of those. Who could resist an adorable face like this little bunny’s?

Engraved Bamboo Knitting Needles

Cost: $18.00

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How can you resist combining your favorite quote with your favorite hobby? These high-quality needles adorned with a personal message will make you feel special every time you knit. Choose from several font choices and any phrase you want (up to 55 characters including spaces).

Faux Knitting Polymer Clay Keychain

Cost: $8.21

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Each one of these polymer clay keychains are unique and beautiful in these three pastel shades. This keychain makes a sweet gift for your knitting buddies or even for your project bag. The braided texture of the clay looks just like knitted fabric — you’re sure to get compliments!