Knit Lit

Coffeehouse Knits: Knitting Patterns and Essays with Robust Flavor

Coffee lovers rejoice, this book of 20 patterns is inspired by your favorite drink. Paired with essays from other knitting and coffee fanatics, the swirling motifs and coffee bean motifs are a dream come true. So grab your favorite cup of joe and knit to your heart’s content.

Hardcover, 144Pages, $26.99, 978-1632506597

Colorwork Knitting: 25 Spectacular Sweaters, Hats, and Accessories

Colorwork knitting can be a tricky concept to master for even the most experienced of knitters. Luckily for you, Sarah E. White has written out a fantastic guide. In Colorwork Knitting, striping, slip stitch, intarsia, stranding and striping with self-striping yarn are thoroughly explained and accompanied by step-by-step photos and instructions. Learn the ins and outs of these techniques before exploring the 25 included patterns to try out what you’ve learned by working on sweaters, hats, socks and mittens, among others. Plus, learn some tips on how to choose the best colors to complement each other when making your yarn selections.

Paperback, 114 Pages, $21.95, 978-0811714143

Contemporary Cables: Classic Aran Reimagined in Current Styles

Designed for intermediate and advanced knitters, this collection of 21 patterns puts a modern twist on classic knitting patterns. Helpful graphics accompany each project as well as charts for more sophisticated cable patterns for ease of use and enjoyment. You’ll find projects to fit every contemporary taste and style from pullovers and cardigans to dresses and shrugs. Aran knitting is widely popular, and Long’s versatile collection of modern accessories has a vast allure.

Paperback, 128Pages, $19.95, 978-0486805276

Custom Socks: Knit to Fit Your Feet

Socks are a fun and easy knitting project, but some patterns are not always a good fit. It can seem impossible to work up a properly fitting sock, but in Custom Socks: Knit to Fit Your Feet, Kate Atherley takes on the task of convincing you otherwise. Atherley’s experience editing sock patterns at Knitty’s ensures that you can trust her judgment, and with fifteen unique sock patterns, you will find the perfect project to keep your feet cozy. From measuring your feet to instructions on customization, Custom Socks has you covered, and every sock you work up will be a perfect fit.

Paperback, 192 Pages, $27.99, 978-1620337752

Customize Your Knitting: Adjust to fit; Embellish to Taste

Just like clothing designers, knitting designers create pieces in standard sizes. Each person is unique and it’s time to learn how to adjust those standard sizes to fit YOU. Learn how to customize knitting patterns with Margaret Hubert’s new book and you’ll be able to make a piece that’s all your own. Change up a neckline, the length of a sweater, and add shaping to any pattern. The possibilities are endless!


Paperback, 112Pages, $22.99, 978-1589238862

Cute & Easy Little Knits: 35 quick and quirky projects you’ll love to make

Follow Nikki Trench’s simple patterns for quick and colorful knits you’ll love to make and give. You’ll find gifts for babies, jackets, gloves, and adorable toys that can be made from less than one ball of yarn in little to no time. You can’t go wrong friendly kitten plushies and baby accessories that make great gifts for friends, family, and even little ones. These cute and cozy knits will keep you warm all season long with everything from hats and gloves to soft and warm homeware.

Paperback, 112Pages, $19.95, 9781782494843

Cute Accessories to Knit for Kids: Complete Instructions for 8 Styles

Cute Accessories to Knit for Kids features fun, contemporary patterns for kids that range from mini backpacks, scarves and mittens to smaller accessories like legwarmers and headbands. Every handpicked pattern was chosen with style in mind, so your kids will definitely want to wear and use the finished results. No matter your skill level, you’ll love this guide. Each pattern feature clear step-by-step instructions and gorgeous full-color photos to keep you following along with ease.

Paperback, 32 Pages, $12.99, 978-1589239029

Dogs in Jumpers: 12 Practical Knitting Projects

Winter weather is hard on everyone — including your four-legged best friends! Keep your furry companion nice and toasty with this collection of 12 adorable sweaters designed for dogs both small and large. To get started, select a sweater (jumper) style, then follow the instructions carefully to create a tailor-made knit. To ensure your dog’s new sweater fits correctly, Dogs in Jumpers includes easy-to-follow instructions on the four key measurements you’ll need before you start your project. It also includes tips on using different yarns, needles and more.  

Paperback, 80Pages, $10 (special pre-order price), 978-1911624998

Dogs on Jumpers: Best in Show Knitting Patterns for Adults and Children


Dogs are a knitter’s best friend, and if you have a dog of your own, you will love the dog motifs featured in this charming book. With 18 different breeds of dog to choose from, you’ll be able to create your very own sweater, sized for adults or children. Thanks to the graphs for both adults and children, this is truly a versatile book for dog-loving knitters!


Hardcover, 144Pages, $13.61, 978-1911216957

Dyeing to Spin & Knit: Techniques & Tips to Make Custom Hand-Dyed Yarns


The New Year is officially underway, and it’s time to try something really new. If you have always delighted in a rich new colorway when it hits the shelves, challenge yourself to the dyeing process on your own! Well, not really on your own, since SweetGeorgia Yarns founder and creative director Felicia Lo has brought this comprehensive guide to you. Learn about pooling effects, balancing the intensity of color, and the basics of hand-dyed fiber before testing out your new yarn on ten included knit patterns.

Paperback, 160Pages, $26.99, 978-1632504104