Knit Lit

Gradient Style: Color-Shifting Techniques & Knitting Patterns


Have a stash of beautiful gradient yarn but don’t know what to knit? This book is here to show you what and how to knit with these gorgeous color-shifting skeins. The editors at Interweave will be your guide to techniques for color combinations, selecting yarn and various knitting tips and tricks.


Paperback, 160 pagesPages, $16.99, 978-1632506504

My First Animal Knitting Book: 30 fantastic knits for children aged 7+

This year, make it a goal to teach a youngster how to knit with the help of this book. With basic patterns all centered around an animal theme, these designs are attainable and good learning pieces for kids as young as 7 years old. There’s even a skill section that breaks down information about yarn, needles, stitches and more for easy-to-follow patterns. With cute animals such as a kitten, koala, and even a panda, these patterns vary in skill level to challenge and encourage a wide range of knitters.


Paperback, 128Pages, $14.95, 978-1782497073

Norwegian Knitting Designs: A Collection from Some of Norway’s Leading Knitting Designers

This new and updated edition of popular Scandinavian patterns will immerse you into the world of Norway knitting. Compiled and edited by Margaretha Finseth, these 30 patterns utilize traditional Norwegian-spun yarn and Norwegian folk patterns in ways you won’t believe.


Paperback, 128Pages, $25.95, 978-1782217121

Socks from Around Norway

We all know and love the traditional Norwegian knit mittens but did you know that you can apply this traditional knitting to make socks? Nina Granlund Sæther takes us on a journey towards toasty toes with everything from classic designs to more historical and modern motifs. Gorgeous photos grace these pages with pattern charts that are easy to read. Embrace the Norwegian knitting tradition and try your hand at a pair of classic socks.

Hardcover, 200 Pages, $26.95, 978-1570769221