Knit Lit

Quilt Inspired Modular Knit Afghans


It you want to knit an afghan but aren’t sure where to start, looking at quilts for inspiration is always a great idea. This book of patterns takes six popular quilt designs and turns them into attainable knits that are customizable and classic. Piecing together these knit afghans is a unique way to create a modern afghan that doesn’t require fair aisle or multiple color changes.

Paperback, 32Pages, $8.99, 978-1590129869

Sue Stratford’s Knitted Aviary: A Flock of 21 Beautiful Birds to Knit


As winter settles in, so do the winter blues. But not to worry — the little birds in this book are just what you need. Knit a flamingo or seagull while you daydream of relaxing on a beach. Cast on a songbird or two while humming your favorite tune. Or create an array of birds for your Christmas tree to bring some much-needed cheer back into the home.

Paperback, 144Pages, $19.95, 978-1782216407

Top-Down Shawls: 12 Lace-Knitting Patterns


Whether you love wedges, crescents or half circles, these shawls from Jen Lucas are all knit top-down. Each shawl begins with just a few stitches and you can watch your shawl grow and grow! Charted and written instructions are included for all designs so you can pick your favorite way to knit.

Paperback, 96Pages, $25.99, 978-1604689600

Winter Knits from Scandinavia: 24 Patterns for Hats, Mittens and Socks


Designer Jenny Alderbrant has rounded up her tried-and-true patterns into this new book of cozy multicolor knits. These quick projects, followed by simple instructions and charts, will inspire you to dive into stranded knitting with ease. Stay with traditional flower and snowflake motifs or venture off into the land of whimsical foxes and butterflies. Each pattern has easy-to-adjust sizing so you can make accessories for the whole family this winter!

Hardcover, 112Pages, $22.95, 978-1570769108