Knit Lit

Dogs in Jumpers: 12 Practical Knitting Projects

Winter weather is hard on everyone — including your four-legged best friends! Keep your furry companion nice and toasty with this collection of 12 adorable sweaters designed for dogs both small and large. To get started, select a sweater (jumper) style, then follow the instructions carefully to create a tailor-made knit. To ensure your dog’s new sweater fits correctly, Dogs in Jumpers includes easy-to-follow instructions on the four key measurements you’ll need before you start your project. It also includes tips on using different yarns, needles and more.  

Paperback, 80Pages, $10 (special pre-order price), 978-1911624998

Knits from the Greenhouse: Knitting Patterns for Plant-Based Fibers

Curious about plant-based yarns (cotton, linen, hemp, etc), but aren’t sure what projects are best suited to that type of material? Don’t worry; Knits from the Greenhouse is here to serve as your guide. Inside, readers will discover 18 patterns specifically designed to show off the best properties of natural yarns, ensuring your end project is as beautiful as it can be. Plus, Bartlette shares her best tips and tricks from agrarian designers who love working with plant-based fibers.

Paperback, 152Pages, $26.55 (special pre-order price), 978-1632506900

Knitting with Beads

There are so many ways to knit with beads, beyond just adding them to the bottom of a scarf. Inside Knitting With Beads, knitters will find a contemporary guide to a traditional technique that covers how to create a completely beaded fabric, how to make beaded lace, adding beads while you knit by using a crochet hook and more. Watch your confidence grow in bead knitting as you work your way through this instructional book that features practice projects in addition to step-by-step techniques.

Hardcover, 192Pages, $30.82 (special pre-order price), 978-1785005077