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6 Helpful Suggestions for Knitting Newbies

Welcome to the addictive world of knitting! You are embarking on a thrilling creative path, which will introduce you to a global network of fellow crafters and a whole new avenue of gift-giving and decoration. We have collected some basic tips and tricks for knitting beginners to make sure that you get off to a

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Knitting Planner Stickers

These stickers make planning your week spunky and colorful. Stick them in a planner to mark your designated knitting days, or use them to decorate cards, notebooks, and more. Twenty-eight stickers come with the sheet, so you won’t run out of knit-worthy sticker style.

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350+ Knitting Tips, Techniques, and Trade Secrets: How to Be Better at What You Do

Knitting secrets are about to be secrets no more! With so many tips in this new book, you’ll be able to brush up on any techniques you know and take a stab at new tricks. With step-by-step instructions and stitch patterns abound, this book will help you troubleshoot any knitting dilemma you come across.

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Boho Wooden Buttons

Several of our favorite cardigans and knit accessories call for button embellishments, giving you the perfect opportunity to add a pop of your own style to a pattern. Plus, these cute — and affordable — buttons feature a Boho style perfect for the summer season.

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