Manda Shah


Manda Shah lives in Toronto, Ontario. After taking a break from a career in Information Technology she picked up knitting as a creative hobby and moved on to designing knitted items. She loves to combine lace and cable patterns to create beautiful accessories. Apart from self-publishing on Ravelry, Manda has published her designs with Vogue Knitting, Sixth & Spring book, Brooklyn Tweed and

Projects by Manda Shah

Apricot Lace Scarf

Accessorize this summer with the delicately intricate Apricot Lace Scarf. Featuring an intermediate lace pattern, this airy scarf is ideal for adding a pop of summer color without having it be too thick for the heat.

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Mogra Shawl

Mogra buds, which flower in during June, scent the summer breeze and add beauty to summer splendor. The lace patterns used in this shawl are reminiscent of those mogra buds, which add a light and luminous touch to your wardrobe.

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Lotus Shawl

The Lotus Shawl, made up of dainty lotus flowers and leaves, is a lace-lover’s delight. This delicate and lightweight shawl is the perfect summer accessory.

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Sweetheart Shawl

The Sweetheart Shawl is a triangular lace shawl with a knitted lace border. A dainty heart lace stitch pattern forms the main body of this shawl and makes it perfect for a special date night.

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Valentino Scarf

Valentino is a rectangular scarf worked in simple cable and rib patterns. It is a wonderful knit accessory and a perfect gift for your valentine.

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