Juliana Lustenader

Juliana “Jules” Lustenader is a San Francisco Bay Area native designer. Her experience working at Imagiknit - the largest knitting store in Northern California - has helped propel her into the world of knitwear design. Jules’ designs can be found in 2018 issues of Twist Collective and Knitscene, as well as on Ravelry, LoveKnitting and Etsy. When she’s not knitting, she is often performing onstage in a local play or musical.

Instagram: @knitbyjules

Projects by Juliana Lustenader

Musquée de Provence Shawl

The Musquée de Provence Shawl is knit from top to bottom, starting with a garter tab cast on. Yarn over increases border the edges and frame the spine of this triangular shawl. Take a deep breath of cool autumn air with this shawl draped across your shoulders or wrapped around your neck. Multiple textures accentuate color changes through the shawl, including garter, stockinette, seed and ribbing stitches.

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