Ashleigh Wempe


Hi friend! I'm Ashleigh, an Air Force veteran with a day job as a Process Engineer, mom, wife, and finder of all things that are hiding in plain sight.

When I’m not chasing my preschooler, sipping coffee that has been reheated in the microwave a dozen times, or going for a quick run that I’ve been putting off, you’ll find me knitting a new shawl or dreaming about traveling (even if that means I’m daydreaming during my real day job!).

I traveled a bunch over the years, through South America, Asia, and a bit in Europe (go to Peru if you ever get the chance!) -- so most of my designs are inspired by somewhere I’ve traveled.

I love BOLD colors and mosaic (aka slip stitch) colorwork -- so if that is what you like too, you’re in good company.


See more of my designs at or

Or come find me on IG (I love to connect and chat!)

Projects by Ashleigh Wempe

Cali Coast Scrunchies

This quick knit was inspired by the vibrant sun and sand dollars found along the Central California coast. These scrunchies look perfect not only on a ponytail, but also fashionably on the wrist.

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