Fall 2019: Table of Contents

Apple picking at your local orchard, afternoon walks with leaf-covered paths, easy Saturday mornings savoring a pumpkin spice scone — whether new experiences or a revisitation of old ones, every fall activity is better when you’re wearing a cozy, handmade knit. In this beautiful collection of knitting patterns, we’ve rounded up some fall favorites from I Like Knitting magazine. Featuring cowls, hats, sweaters, scarves and more, each pattern is ideal for cooler autumn weather! The best part? Every pattern is quick and easy to knit, making them ideal for newer knitters.


The ponytail hat trend has arrived just in time to keep your team spirit up no matter how cold it gets. The opening at the top will let your messy bun or ponytail free itself without costing you warmth, and you can even tailor the stripes to match your school’s colors. Read More 

The Musquée de Provence Shawl is knit from top to bottom, starting with a garter tab cast on. Yarn over increases border the edges and frame the spine of this triangular shawl. Take a deep breath of cool autumn air with this shawl draped across your shoulders or wrapped around your neck. Multiple textures accentuate color changes through the shawl, including garter, stockinette, seed and ribbing stitches. Read More