The Royal Knitting Collection: Beloved Regal Patterns
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Step into a realm of regal elegance with our curated selection of classic knits, inspired by the timeless allure of true royalty. It’s time to roll out the red carpet for knitting projects fit for a queen. Channel the effortless grace of royalty with a brand-new peplum top, designed to add a touch of regal charm to your wardrobe.

Craft your very own wardrobe staple by knitting an exquisite cardigan that exudes the refined elegance befitting a queen. These patterns are more than mere projects; they’re opportunities to infuse your style with the majestic essence of true royalty.

And for the little ones, we’ve even included a charming knit crown, allowing them to revel in the whimsical world of make-believe and imagination. It’s a delightful addition that will make them feel like tiny monarchs in their own right.

So, why wait? This collection of royal knits is poised and ready for you to bring to life. Let your needles click and your creativity flow as you embark on a knitting journey fit for a king or queen. With patterns this exquisite, you’re bound to craft creations that radiate regal splendor. From all of us at I Like Knitting, we wish you a knitting experience filled with royal charm and timeless elegance. Happy knitting!


Timeless. Elegant. Classic. These are just a few words to describe the must-have Catherine Cardigan. Featuring a body-hugging fit, slightly cropped bottom and a single row of gold buttons, pair it with your favorite maxi skirt and get ready to feel like a queen. And because it features short sleeves, it’s ideal for all your spring layering needs. Read More 

The Royal Cabled Pullover is an endlessly customizable pattern that’s bound to be your go-to holiday sweater. You can choose to make this sweater fitted or oversized, to add a lower back hem or even to play with the waist shaping in order to make this versatile sweater the perfect choice for anyone. Read More 

This is a beautiful summer top for all the little girls in your life. Knit in cotton, it’s cool to wear and as fancy as can be — complete with flouncy ruffled sleeves and a peplum bottom that adds style and flair to this trendy piece. Skill Level: Intermediate Read More 

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