The Beginner Collection: 5 Easy Breezy Patterns
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Whether you’re taking your first steps in knitting or looking for projects to hone your skills, this collection offers a diverse range of patterns that are perfect for beginners. From simple scarves with straightforward stitches to cozy beanies that introduce you to basic shaping techniques, each project is thoughtfully crafted to build your confidence and ignite your passion for knitting.

Clear, step-by-step instructions and helpful tips accompany each pattern, ensuring that you have the support you need to succeed. As you work through these projects, you’ll gain the foundational skills and techniques that will serve as a solid base for your future knitting endeavors.

Discover the joy of creating handmade items that you can proudly wear or share with loved ones. With this collection, you’ll experience the satisfaction of turning yarn into beautiful, functional pieces. So, grab your needles and chosen yarn, and embark on a journey of creativity and accomplishment.

From all of us at I Like Knitting, we wish you happy knitting and hope this collection brings you many hours of crafting pleasure. Welcome to the wonderful world of knitting!


If you are a beginning knitter but are intimidated by the idea of trying new patterns and techniques, stop and relax, this is the perfect pattern to get you started. It’s really straight forward, doesn’t need a lot of yarn or different notions and you’ll probably finish it in less than a week. Finishing something gives such a sense of accomplishment and it’s good to have that at the start of your knitting journey. Read More 

Grayson is a  quick-to-work project that’s deeply textured and features an easily mastered pattern of only 2 rounds. Its stretchiness lends itself to a variety of wearing options, and will easily fit a wide range of sizes. Read More 

Social knitters and beginners alike will rejoice at the simplicity of the Piper Shawl. Stripes are a fun way to keep the stitches flowing without having to stop every few stitches to check one's place in a pattern repeat but still have a bit of visual interest to keep it fun. Shown here with the Classic Shades Hat, if you’re interested in crochet! Read More 

Gwendolyn utilizes an easy 3 row repeat pattern that creates an open windowpane looking scarf. The result is a scarf  that lies softly around the neck and has a nice drape. Read More 

Raelyn is a super-fast beginner scarf  that is knit in bulky weight yarn. The broken rib pattern is visually interesting and easy to master for a finished look that anyone can achieve. Read More 

This version of the Raelyn scarf trades the fringe in for a closed loop cowl structure. The broken rib stitch still looks incredible and people will never guess how easy it is to knit. Read More