Knitting Outside the Box: 3 Unexpected Stitch Tutorials
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Why should crocheters get to have all the fun? In this exciting group of knitted stitches, knitters will discover unique textures that are typically associated with crochet. From the texture-rich crocodile stitch, to the trendy and adorable Pineapple stitch, this selection of stitch tutorials is perfect for adding a dose of whimsy to your next project.


Use this adorable stitch to add teeny, tiny pineapples to your knit designs! Perfect for the edging of a shawl or a scarf, this unique stitch tutorial was designed exclusively for I Like Knitting by Heidi Gustad. Read More 

Smocked Knitted Stitch

Create a gorgeous texture using this deceptively simple tutorial. This elegant stitch pattern is ideal for a variety of projects, from winter mittens and hats, to socks, pillows and more. Read More 

crocodile stitch

Have fun whipping up this knit version of the popular crochet stitch: the crocodile stitch! Its playful, scale-like texture adds visual interest to any piece you’re working up. Finally, knitters can enjoy this one-of-a-kind tutorial that used to be crochet only. Read More