9 Knitting Tutorials: Tips and Tricks for Knitters Old and New
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Whether you’ve been knitting for years or just bought your first pair of knitting needles, everyone can benefit from a knitting refresher from time to time. In this exciting collection of knitting tutorials, you’ll discover tips and tricks for knitters of all skill levels. Brush up on some of the basics including the knit stitch, long-tail cast on, double seed stitch and more. Refine your technique, no matter what your method, with these nine easy-to-follow knitting tutorials.


The key to starting any knit project off on the right foot, is beginning with a solid cast on. In this video knitting tutorial, we demonstrate the Long Tail Cast-On technique, which is one of the most common methods found in knitting.Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to use this cast on for just about any project. Read More 

Perfect for beginners, this cast-on method is especially simple to master if you know the knit stitch. Not only is this one of the easiest cast ons to do, but it’s also great for areas where a sturdy cast on is necessary, e.g. the underarm of a sweater. Read More 

You can't knit without knowing the basics! In this video we cover the first stitch that many beginners learn first: the knit stitch. Created with the yarn held behind your work, mastering the knit stitch will allow you to create your very own garter stitch pieces. Read More 

If you’ve already mastered the long-tail cast on, you’ll have no problems getting the hang of this technique — there are just a couple of extra steps to follow! The result of this cast-on variation gives you a bit more stretch than traditional methods, making it perfect for use in hats and top-down socks. Read More 

Looking for a simple way to add intriguing texture to your knitted pieces? This variation of the traditional seed stitch creates larger "seeds" by stacking knit and purl stitches. It might sound complicated, but we promise it's simple to master! Before you begin, just make sure you cast on an even number of stitches in multiples of 4 to create a beautiful project rich with texture. Read More 

Looking for a cleaner way to start your sock projects? Judy's Magic Cast-On method is just what you need. Developed by Judy Becker to create a seamless join for toe-up sock patterns, this cast-on technique also works well for knitted toys -- or anything you'd like to knit in the round without creating a visible seam. Give it a try on your next sock project! Read More 

From sweaters to scarves, the cable stitch is one of the most popular ways to add decoration to your knitting. In this video, you'll learn how to knit the cable stitch that will give you a simple six-stitch-wide twisted cable that you can add to just about any garment Read More 

Ever find yourself noticing odd gaps in your knit projects? Don't worry; it happens to all of us at one time or another! Gaps happen! In this video, discover Heidi's Gustad's technique on how to close gaps within short rows (a common knitting error). This is a great way to identify the gaps and remedy the holes. Read More 

Whether you are looking for a bind-off method that will provide some stretch (like sweater sleeves, necklines, the top of socks), or if you want to add a decorative edging to your projects, the Picot Bind-Off technique is defintely something to have in your knitting repertoire. Check out this simple tutorial to see how it's done. step by step! Read More