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Dear Knitting-Lover,

There comes a time in every knitter’s life when the same patterns everyone else has just aren’t enough. You yearn for something more.

You know what I mean. You scour the Internet for interesting new patterns, but nothing really impresses. You just don’t feel inspired to pick up your needles and cast on! You sigh with frustration …

No, you’re looking for something a little more special … more exclusive. Something that isn’t for just anyone.

You want patterns that are specially designed for the true knitting aficionado and carefully curated to allow you to create an entire collection of special handmade pieces inspired by the very best designers.

What you want is the I Like Knitting Collections Club, a brand new way to receive the very best patterns from the very best designers.

What makes the I Like Knitting Collections Club special? It features the best patterns from the most popular, in-demand designers – designers hired by I Like Knitting (ILK) magazine to create patterns exclusively for ILK subscribers – and for members of the I Like Knitting Collections Club.

That’s right: only subscribers will get full access to these gorgeous, exclusive designs. I Like Knitting has created a revolution in knitting, and the Collections Club brings you only the best of the best!

How will the I Like Knitting Collections Club elevate your pattern library?

If you could get your hands on exclusive, designer knitting patterns that are scrupulously checked and tech edited, and presented with full-color photos and easy-to-follow instructions, then what could you do with them?

You could …

  • Create one-of-a-kind designer pieces for yourself and your loved ones
  • Learn exciting new techniques you never imagined you could master
  • Build an entire wardrobe of custom-made knit pieces
  • Express your artistic side with every stitch you make
  • Be inspired by the vision of the very best knitting designers in the world
  • Enjoy every bobble, cable, and basket-weave stitch more than you ever thought possible, knowing that you’re knitting something special with every single project!

For example, you almost certainly love to knit scarves – they’re fashion-forward, they’re quick and easy to make, and there’s an endless variety of styles to stitch. Every knitter needs a repertoire of go-to patterns for scarves, and you’ll have a whole new set of favorites in our collection of patterns for cowls and infinity scarves.

As a subscriber to the I Like Knitting Collections Club, you also get the opportunity to branch out beyond the basic to try (or get better at) a fun technique: brioche knitting. Our Brioche Knitting Collection features five gorgeous patterns for cozy scarves, a chunky cowl, and a classic hat that you’ll probably make more than just one of. Brioche knitting gives you beautiful, deeply textured projects that look way more complicated to knit than they really are. (Shh! Don’t tell!)

And that’s just a quick peek at the fun, inspiring patterns you’ll get in the I Like Knitting Collections Club. Our Royal Knitting Collection features patterns fit for a queen. Our Vintage Knits Collection lets you knit nostalgic with patterns for your home and wardrobe. And of course, you’ll get new designs for everything from socks to shawls and more. Your only challenge will be deciding which pattern to start first!

Every pattern boasts gorgeous, professional color photos, including close-ups of stitches, so you can see exactly how the piece should look in crisp detail.

A name you can trust

All of this comes to you from I Like Knitting magazine, the most innovative, creative publication available to knitting enthusiasts like you! I Like Knitting is the home of the most talented designers in the knitting community and the most dedicated editorial staff – every one of us loves knitting, just like you!

What’s more, all of the patterns in the I Like Knitting Collections Club are fully digital. Our revolutionary Web edition means you can access them on a tablet, laptop, or desktop, so you can use your patterns wherever you want, any time you want. You can build your collection of patterns (without having to store bulky paper patterns) as you build your wardrobe of custom designer pieces!

Remember, all of these patterns in the I Like Knitting Collections Club are designed by the best in the business, exclusively for I Like Knitting, and each collection centers around a popular trend in the industry, whether that’s a selection of top-notch brioche designs or an issue dedicated to cute and stylish tops and tees.

Why settle for less, when you can have expert, foolproof instructions, professional photos and videos, fashionable, custom knitting designs and a high-end, curated collection, created just for you as an I Like Knitting Collections Club member?

Of course the I Like Knitting Collections Club is about more than just scarves. It features a dozen exclusive collections, covering:

  • Brioche knitting
  • Christmas projects
  • Socks
  • Slippers
  • Baby patterns
  • Beach fashion
  • Hats
  • Mittens & Gloves
  • Shawls
  • Vintage styles
  • Knits fit for royalty
  • And more!

Designer knitting patterns for less than 20 cents apiece? Really?

There’s nothing you could desire that’s been left out of the I Like Knitting Collections Club. And every collection is regularly updated and refreshed, so you’ll always have a variety of new designs right at your fingertips!

All of this is possible because I Like Knitting has so many high-end designers in its network– you benefit because we’re one of the biggest knitting resources available today.

Best of all, your subscription to the I Like Knitting Collections Club is absolutely risk-free and guaranteed: if at any time you change your mind about it, you only have to tell us, and we’ll refund the remainder of your membership– absolutely no questions asked.

Not that I expect you to change your mind … because our patterns are so popular with your fellow knitting-lovers, we make them available digitally so that we can deliver them to you as quickly as possible!

I hope you’ll join us in the I Like Knitting Collections Club right now! That way, you’ll get your hands on each new collection of exclusive designer patterns as it’s published! This is a handy, brand new way to collect the best patterns available in knitting, so don’t wait – join us now!

Happy knitting,
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Caitlin Eaton

Managing Editor

PS: The patterns you’ll get in the I Like Knitting Collections Club come from exciting, innovative designers at the forefront of knitting, such as Angelia Robinson, Nazanin Fard, Penny Schumers and Amy Gunderson. Be inspired by these artists now!