Sweet Baby Blankets to Knit: 29 Cute Blankets to Knit

Knitters, create something your children or grandchildren will cherish forever. Jody Long has written and created for every major knitting publication in the US and UK and has created 29 adorable blanket patterns our little ones will cherish for years to come. Sweet Baby Blankets to Knit comes with beautiful, bold pictures and instructions that are easy to read and understand. The basic techniques included in this book teach you step-by-step to help you knit the most perfect blankets for your loved ones. With every turn of the page, you will be motivated to learn! One amazing thing about this book – it includes descriptions of the equipment needed to knit your own baby blanket, with pictures alongside. You will feel guided every step of the way!

Paperback, 128Pages, $21.95, 978-6059192279