Knit Wear Love: Foolproof Instructions for Knitting Your Best-Fitting Sweaters Ever in the Styles You Love to Wear

Knit Wear Love is all about picking a pattern that is perfect for each and everybody – and every body. Starting from the ground (in this case, the pattern) up, Amy Herzog talks us through matching a pattern to our body type, style and size. Whether you’re after a pullover or a tunic, a tank of a cardigan, or any one of four other sweater forms, you’ll find a pattern that flatters your body best. For customization purchases, you can choose still from one of eight different styles; from modern to classic, vintage to sporty to make your sweater as unique as you are. Each pattern is sized up to ten sizes so that no matter what type of sweater you’re after, you’ll find one that’s perfectly you.

Paperback, 192 Pages, $24.95, 978-1617691393