The Signature Spring Tops & Tees Collection
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Spring is in the air and your next knitting pattern is in this collection. Create your new signature spring look with one of these tops that are perfect for changing seasons. Lacy and cozy go hand-in-hand when you knit for spring and these patterns are just waiting to be added to your “to knit” list this year.


Mirielle uses a deceptively simple stripe pattern to create the illusion of randomness. With a trendy waistband and large open sleeves, this tee is a must-have piece for the end of summer weather. Read More 

Simple and elegant, this transitional tee couples the easiness of stockinette stitch with minimalist stitch pattern and soft lines for a gorgeous result. Enjoy the last nights of summer wearing this beautiful tee if you don’t want to go unnoticed! Read More 

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