The Best Knitting Patterns of 2021
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Every year we round up the knitting patterns published in our issues that received the most views on our website to create a collection featuring the fan favorites for all to enjoy. These 25 patterns range in skill level, technique, style and more so we think you’ll find something you like!

*New Neutrals*
These six patterns prove that sometimes neutral is best, and working with creams, tans, whites and blacks can yield stunning results.

*Fair Isle Faves*
We love a good fair isle pattern and these were the favorites from our issues this year. Cozy, traditional and always on trend!

*Hello Yellow*
Shades of yellow seemed to appear in each of our issues this year and it made us so happy! From tanks to sweaters, yellow makes us happy knitters all year round.

*Cozy Accessories*
Unique was the name of the game for these top 3 accessories. From reversible knits to interesting colorwork, these accessories make a cozy statement.

*Shades of Lavender*
Possibly the most calming color, these 3 sweaters are just oh-so-stunning in lavender shades and gorgeous stitches.

*Sunset Hues*
No matter the season, sunsets produce stunning shades of coral, orange, and pink. These 4 patterns remind us that these shades look incredible any time of the year.

*Into The Blue*
Got the blues? These three pieces highlight softer shades of turquoise and seafoam and we just love how versatile these knits can be!


This pullover is a summer staple, made with blocks of neutral colors that pair beautifully with just the right amount of lace. Knit with 100 percent pima cotton yarn, this loose-fitting, textured top offers an effortless drape for easy wear on a warm day. Read More 

Wander and wonder in this breezy and flattering cardigan that’s both comfortable and stylish. Designed with an all-over lace pattern, this long, kimono-style cardigan is effortlessly versatile to dress up or down depending on the day. Read More 

This eye-catching, color block scarf is knit in a bias garter stitch and the result is a completely reversible accessory that is fun and meditative to make. The zigzag stitch pattern doesn’t require any complicated techniques to achieve its striking look — just the use of simple short rows, increases and decreases. Extremely versatile and easy to customize, this pattern works well with virtually any yarn, especially gradient and hand-dyed yarns, since bias garter stitch is the perfect canvas to display color variations to the greatest possible effect. Read More 

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