Soft Weekend Cashmere Blend Socks

Delicate openwork cables, separated by twist-stitch columns, highlight these dressy knee socks. They begin at the top of the foot, just blow the toes, with a unique turned toe. Because they are knit from the toe up, they can be tried on at any time for a perfect fit. These socks are knit in a alpaca/silk/cashmere blend for an extra soft finish.

Skill Level:  Advanced

Size: S (M, L), Finished foot circumference of 7.5 (7.5, 8)”

Shown in size medium

Gauge: 32 sts and 34 rows = 4” [10 cm] in Eyelet Cable Rib patt


Fine weight yarnYarn: Plymouth Yarn Cuzco Cashmere (40% Superbaby Alpaca, 40% Mulberry Silk, 20% Cashmere; 163 yards [149 meters]/50 grams: #11 Grey (3 balls)

Needles: US size 3 (3.25mm) set of 4 DPNS

Notions: Stitch holders, stitch markers, tapestry needle, scrap yarn for provisional cast on

Special Stitches

Wrap: Bring working yarn to front of work, sl next st purlwise to RH needle, take yarn to back of work, replace st to LH needle.

Eyelet Cable Rib (worked over a multiple of 6 sts)

Rnd 1: *P1, k1-tbl, p1, sl 3 sts to RH needle, pass 3rd st over first 2 sts as if to BO, sl 2 sts back to LH needle, k1, yo, k1; rep from * to end of rnd.

Rnds 2-4: *P1, k1-tbl, p1, k3; rep from * to end of rnd.

Rep Rnds 1-4 for patt.

Pattern Notes

These socks begin at the top of the foot, just below the toes, with my unique turned toe. 

Working in the round up the foot, the heel is turned in the same manner as the toe.

The sock continues to the desired length with a bit of shaping for the calf and ends with a 1×1 twisted rib.

Because the socks are worked from the toe up, they can be tried on at any time for a perfect fit.



Using your favorite provisional CO method and scrap yarn, beg at top of foot (knuckle area) with 2 DPNs, CO 30 (30, 33) sts.

Purl 1 row.

**K28 (28, 31) sts, wrap next st, turn, p26, (26, 29), wrap next st, turn, k25 (25, 28) sts, wrap next st, turn, p24 (24, 27) sts, wrap, turn.

Cont to wrap and turn, working 1 less st on each row until 10 (10, 13) sts rem unwrapped.

Turn Toe (RS):  K10 (10, 13) sts, k next st and its wrap(s) tog, wrap next st, turn, p11 (11, 14) sts, purl next st and its wrap(s) tog, wrap next st, turn.

Note: After first 2 wraps, you will be working 3 sts tog (one st along with its double wrap of previous rows. Do not wrap last st of final 2 rows; work it on the same row as the final wrap.

Cont to wrap and turn, working 1 st more each row until all sts are on one needle.

End with a k row.**

Set-up Instep Pattern

Remove provisional cast on and place 30 (30, 33) resulting sts on 2nd DPN. Knit these sts.

Using 4 DPNs, work in rnds from this point.

Rearrange sts, having 33 sts on one needle for instep (this will become Needle #2.)

Divide 27 (27, 33) sts from rem needle, having 14 (14, 17) sts on Needle #1, and 13 (13, 16) sts on Needle #3.

Begin Foot

Needle #1 and Needle #3: Knit.

Needle #2: *P1, k1-tbl, p1, [k3, p1, k1-tbl, p1] 5 times.

Keeping Needle #1 and Needle #3 in St st, and Needle #2 in Eyelet Cable Rib patt, work even until foot meas 6 (7, 7.5)” from tip of toe, ending with Rnd 4 of patt.

Begin Heel

Knit sts from Needle #1 onto Needle #3. These will be the heel sts.

Sizes S (M) only

From Needle #2, sl 1 st from right end and 2 sts from left end onto heel needle. Place rem 30 sts on holder.

Size L only

Place 33 sts of Needle #2 on holder.

All Sizes

There are 30 (30, 33) sts on one needle. Working in rows from this point, rep from ** to ** of toe to form heel, ending with a purl row.


Work in rnds from this point.

K15 (15, 16) sts, mark next st as new beg of rnd and center back of leg.

Beg with Rnd 1, work even in Eyelet Cable Rib patt on all sts, making sure to align twisted rib st with those of previous rnds.

When leg meas 2 (2.5, 3)” above last heel row, begin calf shaping by inc 1 st each side of marked center back st every 4th rnd 6 times, working added sts into patt. (72 (72, 78) sts)

Work even in established patt until leg meas 4 (4.5, 5)” above last calf inc or 1” less than desired length, ending with Rnd 1.


Rnd 1: *K1-tbl, p1; rep from * to end of rnd, maintaining continuity of twisted rib sts.

Rep Rnd 1 for 7 (8, 9) more rnds.

BO very loosely.


Dampen socks, pat into shape, and dry on thick towel.

Weave in all ends.

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