Cable Cast-On

  • Cable cast-on step 11 Cast on two stitches using the knitted cast-on method. Insert the right needle between the two stitches on the left needle.
  • Cable cast-on step 22 Wrap the yarn around the right needle as if to knit and pull the yarn through to make a new stitch.
  • Cable cast-on step 33 Place the new stitch on the left needle as shown. Continue as needed, always inserting the right needle in between the last two stitches on the left needle.


  • Marilyn W.

    Can you please tell me the advantages of using the cale cast on compared to other ways. I currently use the knitting cast on method

  • Mildred B.

    Thank you, I have used the long tail cast on method, and my cast on is always too tight. I like the cable cast on.


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