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Papillion Based Loaded Stitch Marker Set

To go along with the Yarnit, this little kit of knitting essentials fits perfectly in the Yarnit’s base. Adorable butterfly stitch markers are paired with stainless steel scissors in a stunning iridescent hue. Complete with two colorful darning needles to weave in those pesky ends, this set is a winner in our books!

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The Yarnit – Crystal Clear

Clever little globes hold your precious and beautiful yarn as you knit away. Multiple colors are available but clear shows off your yarn the best. Made to be portable and functional, the Yarnit keeps your ball of yarn clean and free from crumbs and dirt by making it impossible for it to fall out and

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Needle Nook

Never worry about your WIP losing its needles with this Needle Nook! Store circular and double-pointed needles with ease (perfect for socks) and tuck them away safely. Snap the needles into place and your project will stay put — less stress, more knitting! Use the tag on the side of the pouch to attach a

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Floops Stitch Markers

These colorful and squishy stitch markers are about to become your new favorite way to keep track of stitches. Featuring 20 markers per set, these colorful markers keep their shape well so you can pick whether the marker hangs high or low. Designed to fit multiple needle sizes, you’ll love how effortlessly each marker slides

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Loom Knitting: 35 Quick and Colorful Knits on a Loom

Ready to try something different with your yarn? Introducing: loom knitting. Featuring quick and easy designs, Lucy Hopping has created a helpful book that will get you loom knitting in no time. As you practice, start small and whip up items for the home. When you’re feeling more confident, move onto larger pieces like bags

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“What are some fast and quick things to knit? I would like to sell some of my knitted items at a craft fair this summer and I need some ideas.”

Many knitters think about selling their creations but turning your hobby into a business isn’t quite as simple as charging a few bucks for a cute knitted hat. Let’s explore a few strategies to make your craft business a success.

Know your market

Before you cast on your first stitch, consider where you will be selling your

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Your Guide to Reversible Knitting


While there are hundreds, if not thousands, of fabulous knitting stitch patterns in the world, in this article we are going to take a look at reversible stitches. Nothing is more frustrating that trying out a simple scarf to learn a new stitch pattern and then realizing the contortions you’ll have to go through when

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