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Custom Wooden Tags


Have you ever knit a sweater so gorgeous that you wanted to sign your own work? Well, now you can with these custom “Handmade with Love” wooden buttons and tags. These buttons can be customized with your name, or any other name for that matter, and easily attached to any knit project with some spare

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Furry Sheep Stitch Markers

Tired of your plain old stitch markers that look more like safety pins than anything interesting? Get a couple of these adorable Furry Sheep Stitch Markers. These adorable creatures of polymer clay and wool fleece are super cute and are a creative nod towards the animal that provides us with so much of our crafting

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Ghoulish Rumpus Hand Dyed Yarn


Halloween is closer than you might think, and believe me, you get sick of the same old pumpkin orange and black yarn that seems to worm its way into every project around this time of year. Jazz up the Halloween color scheme a little bit with the Ghoulish Rumpus Hand Dyed Yarn! This multi-colored skein

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Forager Rolled Screw-in Handles


These screw-in handles add a lot of class, style and durability to any knit bag project. Use them on that spacious office commute bag you’ve been working on or even replace the worn handles of an old project to make them look like new! These handles are made of genuine leather, so they’re a bit

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Sweet Knits for Baby: 30 Modern and Fresh Designs


Are you tired of knitting the same old baby sweater and afghan patterns every time there’s a baby shower? Sweet Knits for Baby is the pattern book you need, with 30 brand-new and modern designs to satisfy even the fussiest of babies. With crystal-clear instructions, simple schematics and full-color photos, this book is perfect for

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Vogue Knitting: Norah Gaughan: 40 Timeless Knits


To the staff and readers of Vogue Knitting magazine, Norah Gaughan is nothing less than a giant, having contributed a massive body of work to the magazine over the past thirty years. This book was created to honor her achievements by compiling 40 of her most iconic knit patterns into one hardcover volume. Challenge yourself

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10 Reasons to Start a Knitting Instagram Account

If you’re social media-savvy, you might have noticed that I Like Knitting magazine has its own Instagram account, and it’s beautiful. There’s really nothing more marvelous than scrolling through hundreds of beautifully-photographed and artfully-designed knit pieces while daydreaming of your next project… even though you might have three on the needles, already.

Instagram is quickly taking

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Reverse Stockinette Stitch: How to Design Reversible Knitting Patterns for Scarves, Shawls, and Afghans

Reverse Stockinette Stitch Heart

Designing knitting patterns is equal parts a wonderful creative outlet and a frustrating, tedious process. Budding designers everywhere are faced with one particular problem when it comes to scarves, blankets, dishcloths, and other flat pieces that you don’t need to worry about with garments like hats and gloves: the wrong side. You’ll find yourself faced with two options when you’ve chosen a flat-knitted piece: you can create what is often a more intricate and beautiful design on one side of the item and try your best to only display the right side of the accessory, or you could attempt to design a reversible piece. One of the most interesting ways to make a piece reversible is through the use of reverse stockinette stitch.

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