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Learn how to knit with these handy tips and step-by-step tutorials.

Ready, Set, Stitch: Making I-cords and Applied I-cords

I-cords, also known as Idiot Cords, are useful for different purposes, including finishing knitted items. I-cords are sturdy and, when you look closely, look as though they are knitted in round. Different types of machines exist to create I-cords, like I-cord Knitting Machines and spool knitters, but you can achieve the same effect with double pointed

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How to Knit the Wickerwork Stitch

Whether or not you decide to use this tutorial to make the adorable Wickerwork Hat & Pullover baby set, it’s a stitch you’ll want to have in your knitting arsenal. Its criss-cross pattern creates a visually intriguing swatch that’s rich with texture and ideal for a variety of knit projects. Let’s get ready to learn it!

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Provisional Cast On Photo Tutorial

Provisional Cast On

The provisional cast on is ideal for projects that require you to later join your stitches to another piece of knitting — making an almost seamless join once complete. While it may sound intimidating, this cast-on method isn’t tricky at all. Just follow this photo tutorial to discover how easy it can be!

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Ready, Set, Stitch: Scenic Route Lace

Cast on.

First row: K3, yo.

First row continued: K2tog.

Continue working (yo, k2tog) until 5 sts remain. Finish row one with a final yo, k2tog. Then k3.

The right side of your first row will look like this. The bottom of the swatch above features the right side of the first row as

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Ready, Set, Stitch: How to Knit a Bobble


With MC, work to the stitch where to insert the Bobble.

Insert left needle under the yarn between last worked stitch and the one to be worked from front to back (as it to M1L).

With the yarn used for the Bobble, k1 in the backloop, leaving the stitch on needle.

Make a yarn over.

Knit 1 more stitch

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