Browse this collection of knitting shawl patterns and knitting wrap patterns.

Sea Salt Shawl

This soft and airy asymmetrical shawl is the perfect companion to the beach on any warm summer day. Its repetitive design is a breeze to work up and ideal for any knitter who is new to lace knitting or any experienced knitter that is looking for an easy, on-the-go pattern.    

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Pineapple Shawl

Pineapples have historically symbolized hospitality and to this day are found adorning the gates and walkways of important homes. Adorned with three dozen pineapples of its own, this fun shawl should make you feel right at home whenever you wear it.

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Blue Surf Shawl

Reminiscent of bubbles on the surf, this is the shawl you’ll wear well into the summer. Knitted in one piece, this pattern is adaptable in length as well. The lace pattern needs attention as it is worked on wrong side rows as well.

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Lavande Shawl

A crescent, sideways shawl is the pattern you’ll be excited to knit in anticipation of chilly spring days. The colorway features lavender and mint hues for a refreshing addition to your spring wardrobe.

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Celesta Crescent Shawl

The Celesta, a new instrument that Russian composer Tchaikovsky discovered in Paris, was famously used in the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy. Inspired by the “heavenly sweet” sound made from this instrument — words Tchaikovsky used to describe it — this crescent-shaped shawl is easy to wear and lays nicely without a shawl pin.

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