Stella Egidi

In the previous episode of her life, she was an humanitarian doctor working in developing countries and travelling a lot from place to place.

Today, she has settled down in Rome (where she was actually born) and she has fun practising the job of mum of two young rebels…

After a long time not knitting, she has taken needles back in hands during her first pregnancy and didn’t stop since!

She likes designing simple, easy and fun to knit garments and accessories and love exploring styles and techniques.

Projects by Stella Egidi

Equitation Jacket

Just like an equitation class, this jacket looks to be judged on form, style and ability. This custom-tailored jacket will be perfect to wear both in working days and in your free time.

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Mulberry Wine Cowl

Knit in no time at all, this beautiful cowl is perfect for that time of year when leaves start falling and the wind turns colder.  Show off your favorite multi-colored yarn using the gorgeous texture featured in this pattern.

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Cross Back Tee

Simple and elegant, this transitional tee couples the easiness of stockinette stitch with minimalist stitch pattern and soft lines for a gorgeous result. Enjoy the last nights of summer wearing this beautiful tee if you don’t want to go unnoticed!

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Cabana Fringe Tank

Planning summer holidays on the beach? You cannot miss this top! Dare to show off your bare shoulders wearing this unique and stylish piece. The elegant neckline, feminine silhouette, fringes and texture make this top a must have. Wear it during the day over a bikini at the beach or don it by itself at night during a romantic dinner!

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Captain’s Jacket

If you dream of promenades by the sea waiting for summer to come, you will love knitting and wearing your very own Captain’s Jacket! This jacket mixes up elegant lines with comfortable details to make a versatile jacket perfect for everyday use. The A-line body makes it feminine and wearable while removable hood and pockets protect you from crisp breezes as you enjoy Sunday walks along the beach.

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Have an Ice Day Jacket

Heading to the ice rink with your friends in style with a new knit jacket. “Dancing” ribs go up on sleeves and shoulders of this elegant, cozy jacket. The dense texture and the unusual shoulder design make this jacket a unique piece, while the deep collar, buttons and pockets add interest and versatility.

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