Sarah Menezes


Sarah Menezes hails from the UK where she has been a knitter since childhood, taught by her mother and grandmother. She once again picked up her needles during university days and hasn’t been able to put them down since!

Sarah’s designs focus on accessories with an emphasis on intricate details, beading and color; the brighter the better! She enjoys nothing more than trying to translate parts of nature into stitch patterns. Her patterns have been published in KnitPicks In Bloom collection as well as Knit Now and Let’s Knit magazines in her home country.

You can find her on her website or on Ravelry by searching for sploboofle

Projects by Sarah Menezes

Pow! Sleeves

Inspired by comic book art and illustrations using bright colors to emulate the iconic style, these unique gloves are perfect for your nerd-loving friend. Play with the colors to make the perfect pair!

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Falling Leaves Scarf

Inspired by the colors and patterns of the fall, this simple and cozy scarf is just what you need this season. The intriguing lace design zigzags along the scarf mimicking the motions of falling leaves.

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Beaded Orion Scarf

Inspired by the three bright diagonal stars in the belt of the Orion constellation, this elegant scarf features beautiful beads that twinkle like the stars of the night sky. Lace stars alternate with their beaded counterparts to highlight the patterns for added effect.

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