Find knitting patterns for accessories, including knitting belts, knitting jewelry and knitting headbands.

Honeycomb Headband


This sporty headband is worn high on your head to fully cover your ears. The honeycomb cable gives the headband lots of texture, and the provisional cast on and kitchener stitch join means no irritating seams on your neck.

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Winter Leg Huggers


From my student days trudging through the snow to the lecture halls to giving the dogs a run in nearby snow-covered fields, these leg warmers add an extra layer of warmth and a splash of individuality. These knee-high legwarmers are inspired by the textures of frost-encrusted stems and branches, and the fissures, knarls and knots of bark which become the dominant features of trees in winter.

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Forever Diamonds Legwarmers


These sporty legwarmers are great for running in frigid weather and for warming up after your run. They feature easy knit and purl textured stitches and a pop of color at the edges. They are worked in the round with an edging that incorporates ribbing and smoothly transitions into the pattern on the body of the piece. Knit in a cozy worsted weight for the maximum in warmth.

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Feather Gray Boot Toppers


These boot toppers are a nice little accessory to add some texture and luxury to any outfit thanks to the tweedy, silk blend yarn. They are worked in the round beginning with a ribbed pattern that is smooth so that it can be easily tucked into the boot followed by a simple four rounds cable pattern.

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Lattice Boot Cuffs


Boot cuffs are a great way to achieve the look of chunky socks without the bulk. This pattern has no shaping, so it’s a good project if you want to branch out into cables. They’re knit in the round and are offered in seven sizes so you can make matching sets for family members. Plus, you can make them in multiple colors to change up your outfit or give them away as trendy but quick gifts.

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Berry Picking Apron


Part of the fun of summer is the abundance of fresh berries. If you’re lucky enough to have a berry farm nearby, wear this apron to protect your clothes as you pick warm berries fresh from the bush. Your summer guests will love the delicious, homemade pies!

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Fab Floral Clutch


This clutch is knitted in the round in stockinette, stranded knitting and seed stitch top down. The bag has a zip fastening which is perfect for keeping make up and other summer essentials in place.

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Sunday Brunch Skirt


Sunday Brunch is a contemporary interpretation of a classic wardrobe staple, the pencil skirt. It is feminine, fitted and can be dressed up or down with a simple switch from pumps to flats.

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Double Knit Tie

Double Knit Tie

Knitting for men, especially in warmer weather, can be challenging, but accessories are always a good go-to. Featuring a gorgeous knit lace pattern to create a contrasting and open area, this advanced pattern is not only reversible but lays flat and doesn’t curl.

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Water Bottle Cozy


A snazzy bottle holder with a shoulder strap is a great way to make sure you always have your water bottle handy. The yarn carrier absorbs the condensation, so you can toss it in the car or into a tote bag without worrying about getting things wet. The easy lace pattern expands to fit any size bottle and an I-cord provides a sturdy strap.

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